Here at Ed Dibbles, it's personal.  So, before you join us 'At the Park', we thought you might like to learn a little bit about our team.  Introducing Simon, Lorna, and Keta - a family of self-diagnosed 'foodies'; we were foodies before it was cool to be a foodie.  In fact, we're pretty sure that we helped to coin the phrase (or at least we like to think so).


In their previous profession, Simon and Lorna were fortunate enough to circumnavigate the globe building custom exhibition stands.  Really, it was all just a brilliant excuse to try some of the best street food that Asia, America and Europe has to offer.  When they weren't travelling the world, they were at home trying to recreate the recipes that had been gathered on the latest trip.  After a while, they realised family and friends were only all too keen to come over for dinner, but were fairly convinced it had nothing to do with their charming wit.  In 2013, they finally traded packing lists for ingredient lists, added to their already enviable collection of kitchen equipment, and set about bringing the street food of the world to events across the West Country, catering for everything from festivals and open days, to weddings and birthdays.

Meanwhile, having passed her A Levels and graduated from University, Keta swore blind that she would never work in events and would under no circumstance run her own business.  Naturally, she went on to set up an Event Management company, organising conferences around Europe, Asia and Africa.  Cue the start of her obsession with seeking out the best international vegetarian cuisine the world could offer... Of course the temptation to recreate those dishes was too great, and having also developed quite the sweet tooth, Keta eventually entered the family catering business as the Dessert Queen and "vegetarian consultant".

At the start of 2019, the opportunity to move indoors to a permanent home in Salisbury presented itself.  During our first 18 months of trading, we noticed an increasing number of vegetarians commenting on how nice it was to enjoy food they had never tried before - so much so that even the meat lovers started trying the vegetarian options!   After a rather tumultuous Summer, in October 2020 we began planning our transformation to a purely vegetarian and vegan restaurant, creating plant based international Street Food dishes for every one to enjoy.  It felt like a natural progression to offer something completely new for Salisbury... Ed has always been 'green' after all!

Speaking of Ed, we'd just like to clarify that 'Ed' is in fact the gecko, featured in our logo as an ode to the geckos seen running up and down the walls at Clarke Quay's food court in Singapore.  Many customers along the way assumed that Simon's name is 'Ed', so the nickname affectionately stuck, whilst Lorna became 'Mrs Ed', and the name 'Dibblina' was coined for Keta... #edisthegecko


Simon (Ed)

Head Chef


My love affair with spices (don't tell Mrs Ed) started when I was a twenty-something year old Londoner, with a taste for Southall curries.


When I moved out of the City, Dibblina's arrival meant the take-away fund was always strangely empty, so I had to satisfy my spice craving by grinding and blending my own mixes.  The rest as they say, is history...

Favourite food?

Caribbean Trini Doubles


Lorna (Mrs Ed)

Operations Manager / Baker


I love flour, or Cann Mill flour to be specific. Everything from plain flour for pastry, to besan flour for falafels.  I also love flowers, but really only the edible variety.  When I have half a chance, I'm usually found outside tending to my chilli plants and array of herbs.


While I'm out there, Ed usually gets me to start BBQing his latest creation too...

Favourite food?

Falafel mezze with all the trimmings

Banh Mi chay with tofu_edited.jpg

Keta (Dibblina)

Cafe Manager / Pastry Chef


I came home aged 16 and announced I was going to be a vegetarian, to which I was told that I would have to learn to cook.  So I did.


From the days of only finding Quorn in the supermarket, I've watched plant based food become increasingly popular, and evermore creative.   That's what I love most - the creativity; playing with textures and flavours to create something new, be it sweet or savoury!

Favourite food?

Lemongrass tofu Bahn Mi