A Taste of the (Vegetarian) Middle East;

Mezze & a Visit to the Souk




Yemeni Falafel – A Mrs Ed speciality spiced with cardamom, fresh green chilli, spices, garlic, fresh parsley and coriander. Forget dry and bland… these are falafel s with attitude.


Goats’ Cheese & Filo Pies – Individual filo pies baked in a muffin tin with orange, pistachio and oregano finished with a drizzle of honey.


Traditional Hummus – A home made lemon, garlic and tahini, chickpea dip with a hint of Aleppo chilli.


Spiced Beetroot Yoghurt Dip – Beetroot and creamy Greek yoghurt seasoned with ground coriander, nigella seeds and fresh mint.


Tzatziki – A yoghurt, fresh mint and garlic dip, always served with our signature falafel.


Home made Harissa – Ed's fiery North African chilli sauce made to an authentic recipe.  See if you can guess the secret spice...

Traditional Khobez – A Middle Eastern flatbread just made for scooping or mopping… The choice is yours



Main Course:

Shakshuka – Traditionally this dish was served at breakfast, but it can be found morning. noon and night these days in the souk's. A rich spiced tomato sauce with red/green peppers, roasted aubergines and finished with baked eggs.

Cauliflower “Shawarma” – Slow roasted in a home ground baharat and served with caramelised onions and a tahini dressing garnished with roasted pine nuts and sumac. This is one of Dibblina's favourite dishes.

Persian Spiced Potatoes – Oven roasted new potatoes with lemon zest, cumin seed, Aleppo chilli flakes and black pepper. Dressed with crispy garlic chips and fresh mint.




Dark Chocolate, Cardamom & Espresso Mousse Cake – An indulgent but light slice of mousse cake, served with Cornish vanilla ice cream