A small selection of what we offer...




Starters, choose from:

  • (V) Trini Doubles – A homemade bara roti with chickpea curry, fresh coconut shavings and a hot pepper sauce chutney.

  • Jerked Chicken - One of the most famous dishes of the islands, Ed's homemade marinade has even drawn praise from a Jamaican chef at an event. For those who like to walk on the "wild" side, ask for full Jamaican strength.


Both accompanied by creamy Caribbean coleslaw,​ with a tropical yogurt and mango dressing.

Main Course, choose from;

  • Trini & Tobago Chicken, Fresh Pineapple and Coconut curry - For those who like it mild. We still put in a "sneaky" Scotch bonnet, de-seeded of course. Using our own freshly ground curry powder this produces a rich and creamy dish, with a good hit of fruit.

  • Jamaican Goat or Mutton Curry - An Ed speciality. We marinate in our own blend of herbs and spices overnight, then slow cook for 2 to 3 hours, until the meat falls apart. Our goat and mutton is all raised and butchered locally, so please state whether you want bone-in or out.

  • (V) I-tal Stew – Ital is the Rasta movement you've probably never heard of... Historically, Rastas would live in the hills of Jamaica and eat what grew from the earth. This is Ital. So basically any combination of veg, cooked in our own recipe curry stew.

Served with;

  • Rice & Peas - Like the Jerk Chicken and Goat Curry this needs no intro. Every household have their own recipe, and we have ours

  • Condiments - Home made West Indian hot pepper sauces and fruit-based chutneys


Other dishes available upon request include back yard stew dishes, brown down dishes, fried plantain etc


Middle Eastern


Our mini mezze that people rave about and always come back for…


  • Chicken Shawarma – From a mechoui man cooking in Jamaa El Fnaa Square, Marrakech. Normally it is made with lamb but this we had to try, and it really stood out from the rest. We sold our daughter, plus a few camels for the recipe!

  • (V) Homemade Yemeni Falafel – Cardamom, fresh green chilli and herbs all come to the party, then Mrs Eds works her magic with her secret recipe make these different to most falafel that you have tasted.  These are falafel with attitude!


All served on a Lebanese khobez flatbread with a selection of the following home made mini meze:

  • Hummus - Home made and we go heavy on the lemon as that is what we like

  • Harissa - A traditional recipe of hot North African Chilli sauce – tweaked by us including a secret spice

  • Tabbouleh - A traditional bulgur wheat salad with tomato, spring onion and fresh herbs. Dressed with fresh garlic, lemon and olive oil

  • Middle Eastern coleslaw - Our own invention of white/red cabbage, carrot and red onion in a spiced honey, lemon and olive oil dressing

  • Tzatziki - A freshly made cooling yoghurt, garlic, mint and cucumber dip


South African

Bunny chow started appearing on the streets of Durban in the 1940s, and its popularity grew during the nearly five-decade-long apartheid until it was one of the city’s most popular street foods. During this time of segregation, only white patrons could sit and eat in restaurants, but restaurants still wanted to be able to sell food to everyone. So what was the best vessel for takeaway food? Bread. Thus we have Bunny Chow – A 1/2 a small loaf of bread scooped out to create a "bowl" (the bunny) and filled with one of the following dishes (the chow).


The Classics, choose from;

  • Durban Chicken and Potato Curry - we freshly grind the unique brick red spice for this dish.  The sauce can also be prepared with mutton, minced lamb, or beef if you prefer.

  • (V) Durban Vegetable and Sweet Potato Curry - as above


Both served with Mrs Balls chutney and a carrot raita


Ordinarily, we don't like to mess with tradition.  But an edible bread "bowl" seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up, so we started filling our bunnies with a whole host of 'stews' from around the world. Needless to day, it proved to be incredibly popular!


Choose from fillings such as;

  • Italian Arrabiatta Meatballs - Just like mama used to make, meatballs in a rich, picante tomato sauce

  • South African Monkey Gland Meatballs - It doesn't contain monkey's glands, it’s just a hot spicy BBQ sauce

  • Mexican chilli con carne or (V) con veggie - A household favourite that we have perfected over the years

  • Somerset Butchers Sausage with Boston baked beans - The best of Somerset, meets the best of the USA

  • (V) Vegetarian Sausage with Boston baked beans - The beans have been adapted to include wilted spinach, and trust us, it works

  • Middle Eastern Chicken, Chickpea and Apricot Tagine – Sweet and spicy with a good helping of fresh lemon juice

  • Beef Tagine with Apples and Raisins - This is a robust beef tagine that is normally served when apples are in season.  The tartness of the fruit mellows with the addition of raisins, spices honey.

  • (V) Middle Eastern Vegetable Tagine – Butternut squash and puy lentils in a richly spiced tomato-based sauce

Alternatively, think of your own favourite sauce/gravy-based filling from anywhere in the World, and we'll put it in a "bunny"!


Vietnamese Banh Mi - Dibblina's "go to" after a trip abroad and her first visit home


A little history first... The French ruled Vietnam for around 200 years. They introduced the humble baguette to the county, with its typical French fillings, such as pâté, ham, cheese & mayo. The Viet’s developed a liking for the bread but found the filling quite bland. In true SE Asian style, they improvised, and Banh Mi was born!  Today, it is sold throughout the streets of Vietnam and we're convinced it's the world's best sandwich.


Choose from the following fillings;

  • Banh Mi Ga - Our own recipe marinated gai yang chicken

  • Banh Mi Thit - Traditional char sui BBQ pork belly, made to a recipe we picked up

  • (V) Banh Mi Chay - Lemongrass and ginger marinated Tofu. This we had to work at, as no-one would give us a recipe, but Dibblina says ours is better than the local Viet version.


All the above served in a French baguette, topped with sriracha mayo, pâté (the Viet’s liked one of the French fillings!), shredded iceberg lettuce (we added this for a bit more "crunch"), cucumber. home made daikon pickle and a good handful of fresh coriander. A dish that assaults every taste bud you have, at the first bite. Once tasted, never forgotten...


More menus available including our "big pan" Paella, Indian, Mexican, USA (we could fill a book with this one), Europe and many more...

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